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Fans of Raven-Symone

Raven Symone Fans
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Welcome to raven_fans.

This is where you come for any news, pictures, or graphics that have to do with Raven and her career.

(just a few rules)

+ Respect is important, so please respect other members.
+ LJ-CUTs should be used on long entries.
+ Credit people if you take their work and do not hotlink pictures, its a quick way to upset someone.
+ Promoting is okay if the community is related to Raven. If not, please don't.
+ You're welcome to make intro posts, so go ahead if you would like.
+ To new memebers: please make posts friends only
+When you join, you should fill this out as apart of your introductory post. Its not recommended, but highly suggested:
1. How long have you been a Raven fan?
2. What's your favorite That's So Raven episode?
3. Favorite song by Raven?
4. Favorite Raven tv appearance (Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, Hanging w/Mr. Cooper)?


coming soon

(link to us)

Coming soon

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