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Fans of Raven-Symone
quotes from todays episode 
15th-Aug-2005 08:59 pm
chelsea: i was wondering if you could talk to him for me you are the best talker i know
raven: nope not me not much of a talker.
ben: i feel like we have an amazing connection
raven: yep....gotta go
raven: we are just two FOXY mommas you just DONT wanna mess with
cindy: now taht we are boyfriend and girlfriend we have to make it official
cory: ok
cindy: i'll be over tomorrow at 3 so we can kiss and make it official
cory: ok................WE HAVE TO KISS!?
eddie: do you wanna tell her why you were hugging ben?
raven: no
eddie: do you wanna tell Me why you were hugging ben?
raven: nope, i cant
eddie: does ben know why you were hugging ben?
raven: yes.... i wish i could tell you
cory: ok my lips are loose my breath...kissy fresh
chelsea: ben knows your deepest darkest secret
raven: yea
chelsea: does he know about your extra...
raven: NO!!! he doesnt know about an extra
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