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Fans of Raven-Symone
quotes for today 
14th-Aug-2005 08:05 pm
raven: "of course i like stinky lil nasty beasts"
raven: look, how hard can this be i use this stuff everyday. shampoo, conditioner...... flee protecter. well not every day but you have to be careful.
raven and eddie (at the same time) : you know how we shampoo
eddie: chealse, what color are my draws??
chealse: pink :)!
raven: get away from me you lil nasties!!!!
chealse: so am i fierd?
dog ladie: well you are the best counseler we have ever had so.. no but you too are
eddie: do we still get paid?!
raven: HUSH!!!!
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