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26th-Aug-2005 09:32 pm(no subject)

i found some more icons

HATER!Collapse )

15th-Aug-2005 08:59 pm - quotes from todays episode
chelsea: i was wondering if you could talk to him for me you are the best talker i know
raven: nope not me not much of a talker.
ben: i feel like we have an amazing connection
raven: yep....gotta go
raven: we are just two FOXY mommas you just DONT wanna mess with
cindy: now taht we are boyfriend and girlfriend we have to make it official
cory: ok
cindy: i'll be over tomorrow at 3 so we can kiss and make it official
cory: ok................WE HAVE TO KISS!?
eddie: do you wanna tell her why you were hugging ben?
raven: no
eddie: do you wanna tell Me why you were hugging ben?
raven: nope, i cant
eddie: does ben know why you were hugging ben?
raven: yes.... i wish i could tell you
cory: ok my lips are loose my breath...kissy fresh
chelsea: ben knows your deepest darkest secret
raven: yea
chelsea: does he know about your extra...
raven: NO!!! he doesnt know about an extra
14th-Aug-2005 08:05 pm - quotes for today
raven: "of course i like stinky lil nasty beasts"
raven: look, how hard can this be i use this stuff everyday. shampoo, conditioner...... flee protecter. well not every day but you have to be careful.
raven and eddie (at the same time) : you know how we shampoo
eddie: chealse, what color are my draws??
chealse: pink :)!
raven: get away from me you lil nasties!!!!
chealse: so am i fierd?
dog ladie: well you are the best counseler we have ever had so.. no but you too are
eddie: do we still get paid?!
raven: HUSH!!!!
9th-Aug-2005 12:29 pm(no subject)
hey just as a random thought raven was on higglytown heros today. i almost past out when i heard her voice. i think it is super cool that she does kids shows too
3rd-Aug-2005 04:22 pm - Fashionnnn
pep rally
Just wanted to say that I love Raven's fashion! It seems like in every episode she has some CRAZY outfit on! Her clothes are so rad, gosh, I wish I had style like that haha but even if i did, it wouldn't compare. You can't compare to Ms. Raven tho, she's untouchable lol :D go Ravennn
1st-Aug-2005 09:59 pm(no subject)
hey yall whats ur favorite "thats so raven" quote?

i have 2 "you lil nasty" and "OH SNAP" <-- i say that one all the time :)
1st-Aug-2005 05:16 pm - adding this..
pep rally
1. How long have you been a Raven fan? since that's so raven was on disney
2. What's your favorite That's So Raven episode? woah, I have alot. Probably the undercover superstar one.
3. Favorite song by Raven? not a specific one, but when she sings the song during the play "the pitiful joyless life..." ("Sweeps") lol I love that
4. Favorite Raven tv appearance (Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, Hanging w/Mr. Cooper)? That's So Raven
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